"This photobox is the best part of our wedding... unique and candid shots that make us laugh until we nearly cry!"
- Rita Marie Davis [Feb 23rd 2010]

A Foto Box is a modern take on the classical timeless photo booth. The Foto Box is has sleek, modern design, with ease of mobility and setup. It can go anywhere, and can be set up in any location regardless of space issues. It's the ideal entertainment for guests at your wedding, party or business event.

You don't have to worry about "entertaining" your guests at your wedding reception any more... a Foto Box has that covered! It's a pretty simple idea and very simply executed. Your guest simply walk up to the Foto Box, press the touch screen and choose whether they want their photos taken in B&W or color. The Foto Box then takes 4 photos and prints them out a mere 14 seconds later. The Foto Box can even print doubles so your guests take a copy with them and leave one for you in your very own Foto Box album--think of it as a new twist on the "guest book".

Each print is printed with a custom designed image, specifically created for your wedding or event. Sounds pretty cool huh? Check out how affordable it is too!